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Overlap & Alignment – updated 2020

Video #4: Overlaps and Alignments

J&B Production is pleased to announce our O & A video has been update this spring. Jim Beyer is a USAV National and Division I Referee and author, and Amy Farber-Knowles is a former NCAA Division I player and head coach who is currently a USAV National referee and Associate Director of Volleyball at Austin Juniors Volleyball, Austin, TX. Jim and Amy have collaborated with the help of many others to enable volleyball officials to better recognize the positioning of players and the philosophy that goes into that positioning.

Overlap and alignment has been and continues to be a subject of interest and inquiry for volleyball officials at all levels of experience. Specific topics in the video include: tracking the setter, R1 and R2 roles, identifying illegal back row attacks and blocks, issuing explanations and warnings and much more.

Thanks to all of you for all you do to make the game of volleyball better by being the best officials possible! Your support in helping J&B Production train volleyball officials is appreciated.

With all the concerns from COVID-19, we hope you will take all the precautions recommended. As you hopefully work this current season please be safe. Good luck and have a great season!

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